It seems impossible


“I have cycled for a good part of my life. I rode a bicycle as long as I enjoyed doing it, head down and heart in my throat, I remember with pleasure every challenge, every joy, every defeat, every time the asphalt has messed up my body. Now when I get on my bike it’s very different, the window has opened onto a new world, I try to enjoy the sensations of just pedaling. I look around, I discover things that I had never noticed in forty years of pedaling at all; it seems impossible.

 THAT MAGIC MOMENT Yet, without an explanation, I sometimes find myself pedaling at full speed, with shortness of breath, heart pounding, head down, eyes half closed. As soon as I notice it, I raise my head and take my legs off, I look at the hills of Monferrato that gently chase one after the other, I savor the scents of the vineyards, I scan that majestic castle perched on the pitch at the back, along the path of the Monsterrato , imagining the events over the centuries of history; I listen to the silence that screams. And finally, in that moment, I feel at peace with myself “.

Claudio Luigi Bagni

Pubblicato da La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato

La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, pedalata cicloturistica in libera escursione nel Monferrato patrimonio dell'umanità Unesco per il paesaggio vitivinicolo e gli Infernot. Quattro tracciati (km 40, 70, 110 e 180 circa), percorso misto strade bianche/asfalto. Prossima edizione: settembre 2021


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