The promotional phase of the Monsterrato weekend is over, it is time to give some indications on the route for the race taking place on September 3rd.

Let’s start with the MONSTERRATO VETERAN RACE (9th race of the UCI Gravel World Series, an international circuit whose races take place in 4 continents), which starts at 10 am at the sports field of Quattordio: about 65 km for men over 60 and women over 50. Overall feasible, 700 meters altitude, a couple of short parts that are a little harder than the others, but if that’s a problem, just get off the byke and walk a few meters. For the rest there are many rather gentle ups and downs. The route – mixed white, dirt and asphalt roads – passes through the municipalities of Quattordio, Masio, Felizzano Fubine, Altavilla, Viarigi and CerroTanaro and leads back again to Quattordio.

Some points require particular skill and concentration in driving the bike on gravel roads and dirt roads, particularly in case of rain on the day of the event or in the days immediately preceding it. The final part, on a dirt road, is flat, high speed is possible (for those who still have the energy). All in all, it seems like a fair route for the category.

The MONSTERRATO VETERAN RACE is open for holders of a card for competitive cycling or a medical-sports certificate of fitness for competitive cycling (those who are only in possession of the certificate will have to pay a supplement of € 10 for the daily card of the Federciclismo), gravel bikes, mountain bikes, historic bikes (wide tires recommended), cyclocross bikes, modern racing bikes (off-road tires recommended).

Rescue in case of need along the route will be ensured by the Red Cross of Alessandria and the Green Cross of Felizzano with medicalized tenders and ambulances. We would like to thank the Prefecture of Alessandria and the Prefecture of Asti, the Police Headquarters of Alessandria and the Police Headquarters of Asti, the Traffic Police of Alessandria, the Traffic Police of Asti, the Anas Piemonte: their competence, their collaboration and their courtesy are fundamental for us.

The MONSTERRATO VETERAN RACE offers the first 25% of classified in each category a place at the UCI World Championships organised in Veneto on 8 and 9 October by Pippo Pozzato and his PP Sport Events.

UCI international regulations at

The Monsterrato: info, regulation and registration on


Pubblicato da La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato

La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato propone un weekenddedicato alle strade bianche il 2-3-4 settembre , nei giorni magici della vendemmia. Sabato 3 settembre Monsterrato Race, medio e gran fondo (km 113 e 150 circa) valevole come 9/a prova delle 2022 Trek Uci Gravel World Series, circuito mondiale che tocca 4 continenti. Domenica 4 settembre, sulle stesse strade della prova agonistica, 6/a La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, cicloturistica in libera escursione personale nel Monferrato patrimonio dell'umanità Unesco per il paesaggio vitivinicolo e gli Infernot. Info, regolamento ed iscrizioni aperte sul sito


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