The UCI Gravel World Championships qualifier series

Trek UCI Gravel World Series

Born in the US Midwest some 12-15 years ago under the name of Gravel Grinders, Gravel events are the new hype in the cycling world where riders are looking for new challenges. After the States, other continents have embraced the concept in recent years and the Gravel market is current booming worldwide.

Focussing on both elites but also masters and cyclo tourists these events are a long distance bike race on mainly unpaved roads and paths with an adventurous and often challenging route in the middle of nature. Organizers are often switching to the format to cope with the difficult process of getting approvals to hold road races on public roads.

The Trek UCI Gravel World Series is a series of UCI-sanctioned races held all over the world. Some 15-20 qualifier events will qualify the top 25% in each age group to the UCI Gravel World Championships where the champions are awarded with the coveted UCI rainbow jersey.

The Trek UCI Gravel World Series are based on the very successful UCI Gran Fondo World Series who were launched in 2011 as road qualifier series for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships with events up to 8000 riders and a yearly World Championships with 3000 participants.

The major success of gravel races are the discovery of new hidden backcountry roads where riders of all level, from worldtour elite level to cyclotourists can all share the same routes during these mass participation events.

The Trek UCI Gravel World Series concept is focusing on both very competitive riders from the Pro Elite rider level to older riders who still want to compete at a high level at a later age, but also to fun riders who like to keep fit and finish the event.

In a partnership with renown Belgian sports marketing agency Golazo who is also managing the UCI Gran Fondo World Series, the UCI has created the Trek UCI Gravel World Series. This partnership will be responsible for the overall organization, coordination and marketing aspects of the Trek UCI Gravel World Series qualifier events.

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Pubblicato da La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato

La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato propone un weekenddedicato alle strade bianche il 2-3-4 settembre , nei giorni magici della vendemmia. Sabato 3 settembre Monsterrato Race, medio e gran fondo (km 113 e 150 circa) valevole come 9/a prova delle 2022 Trek Uci Gravel World Series, circuito mondiale che tocca 4 continenti. Domenica 4 settembre, sulle stesse strade della prova agonistica, 6/a La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, cicloturistica in libera escursione personale nel Monferrato patrimonio dell'umanità Unesco per il paesaggio vitivinicolo e gli Infernot. Info, regolamento ed iscrizioni aperte sul sito


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