Personal branding

Hello, my name is Claudio Luigi Bagni, I am a professional journalist (from ’92 until a few months ago I worked at Gazzetta dello Sport) and project manager. My goal, my current reason why, is to contribute to the relaunch of #Monferrato – there is so much need – with sports tourism, cycling in particular.Continua a leggere “Personal branding”

From the majestic course of the Po and the Tanaro to the narrow Grana stream…

From the majestic course of the Po and the Tanaro to the narrow Grana stream.From storks to buzzards.From the fishermen’s shacks along the river to the tuff huts in the hills.From the Carnaroli rice to the vineyards of Barbera, Grignolino and Ruchè.From lowlands to hills.From frogs to hares.From roe deers to wolves.From the dirt roadsContinua a leggere “From the majestic course of the Po and the Tanaro to the narrow Grana stream…”

The Monsterrato, In the magical days of the harvest

“Once upon a tine, the primary source of income for hill farming were the vendumia, the amsum and the bucin: grape harvest, grain harvest and calf rearing. Only when you were able to sell our wine, grain or veal could you finally bring some money home. Most of the remaining products from farm work wereContinua a leggere “The Monsterrato, In the magical days of the harvest”

The Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, September 12, 2021

Bike Comedy Club ASD and the municipalities of #CastellettoMonferrato, #CerroTanaro, #Felizzano, #Giarole, #Masio, #Quattordio, #SanSalvatoreMonferrato and #VignaleMonferrato are organizing on September 12, 2021 the 6/a edition of La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, bicycle tour on gravel roads in Monferrato (Piedmont, Italy) for historical and vintage bicycles, gravelbike, mtb and e-bike. Four routes: 40-70-110-200 km. La Monsterrato will takeContinua a leggere “The Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, September 12, 2021”

A surreal, timeless dimensions

“Going through these hills, these valleys, these forests, these banks under the favour of moonlight an a frosty, dark winter night, next to trees that look like monumnets, where the only sounds to break the silence of these magical moments  are the nocturnal bird’s calls or the barking of fare away  farm dog. They leadContinua a leggere “A surreal, timeless dimensions”

On gravel roads in Monferrato with Bike Comedy Club

(NOT JUST MONSTERRRATO) Making the Monferrato known to people by riding a gravel bike or a mountain bike or an e-bike on the gravel roads of this region: this is the main objective of Bike Comedy Club. It is an eco-compatible project addressing all bike lovers and aiming at an eco-sustainable touristic development of theContinua a leggere “On gravel roads in Monferrato with Bike Comedy Club”