A surreal, timeless dimensions

“Going through these hills, these valleys, these forests, these banks under the favour of moonlight an a frosty, dark winter night, next to trees that look like monumnets, where the only sounds to break the silence of these magical moments  are the nocturnal bird’s calls or the barking of fare away  farm dog. They leadContinua a leggere “A surreal, timeless dimensions”


The King Agnolotto (cycling&cooking Monferrato)

“The real piemontese agnolotti do not take into consideration any meat-free version. Essentially, they are a festive dish, a Christmas, Easter, Dionysian Faustian dish; converting them to a Lent dish would be just  the same as if, in the Carabinieri, the command of a mounted police station was entruste to a Marshal officer on foot”Continua a leggere “The King Agnolotto (cycling&cooking Monferrato)”

VIDEO : la Monsterrato e la passione di Claudio Gregori

L’intervista di Daniele Gigli a Claudio Gregori, giornalista della Gazzetta dello Sport e storico del ciclismo, protagonista a Moleto della conferenza “Girardengo, Manina e il Diavolo”

Monferrato Bike Tours: we produce emotions

Cyclotourism (bicycle, mountainbike, gravelbike, e-bike), relax and nice food: Monferrato Bike Tours offers dream vacation in the Monferrato World Heritage Unesco, the land of wine and truffles.Small groups, support vehicle on the road, tailor made tours to suit your needs. Connection with the VenTo cycle linking #Venice and #Turin on protected roads along the banksContinua a leggere “Monferrato Bike Tours: we produce emotions”