The Monferrato, a territory to be discovered

The Monferrato a territory to be discovered. The Monferrato region is such a diverse land that any attempt to describe it by giving a single definition would be unsuccessful and, probably, even useles. This territory is full of fascination because of its diversity, being that a distinctive feature that alone can constantly surprise visitors. SinceContinua a leggere “The Monferrato, a territory to be discovered”



TWENTY-EIGHT SECTORS: there are many stretches of white and dirt road that constitute the long route (about 125 km) of the Monsterrato Race, 9th race of the Trek UCI Gravel World Series scheduled for Saturday 3 September 2022, start and finish in Quattordio (Alessandria, Monferrato, Piedmont). Twenty-eight sectors, some measuring one kilometer, others 10. TooContinua a leggere “MONSTERRATO, THE LONG ROUTE, 28 SECTORS OF WHITE ROAD AND A PLACE FOR THE WORLDWIDE CHAMPIONSHIP”

Monsterrato, to the benefit of Monferrato

Here, in Monferrato, every castle has its ghost, every fountain its flavor, every street its history, every hill its battle, every village its legend, every canton its brigand, each church its saint, each square its hero, each wood its fox, each vine its echoes of the festive songs for the harvest: all this in theContinua a leggere “Monsterrato, to the benefit of Monferrato”

Monsterrato and the revival effort

With over 3.2 million #bikes manufactured in 2021, Italy is the leading European producer in this sector with a share of 21%, a turnover up 7.4% to 1.6 billion euros and a positive balance between export and import of 1.3 million pieces and an increase of 23% on 2020. Data reported by #IlSole24Ore citing theContinua a leggere “Monsterrato and the revival effort”

Monsterrato: le iscrizioni sono aperte

La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, 5/a edizione, 23 giugno 2019. Le iscrizioni si sono aperte  1 dicembre. Info e regolamento su Attenzione al numero chiuso

The Monsterrato for the Monferrato: a place to discover, to know and to love

Bike Comedy Club is organizing on 1 and 2 September 2018 the 4/a edition of La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, bicycle tour on gravel roads in Monferrato (Piedmont, Italy) for historical bicycles, gravelbike, mtb and e-bike. Four routes: 40-70-110-150 km. La #Monsterrato will take you to ride in the #vineyard landscape of the Monferrato of #Infernot, little underground caves entirely dug inContinua a leggere “The Monsterrato for the Monferrato: a place to discover, to know and to love”